About us:

"La Rosa D'acciaio" was born in 2012 from the union of some people, united by the same passion for the show!

La Rosa D'acciaio" is Italian team, and is undoubtedly one of the groups with the longest tradition in Italy. Born in 2012, it's a specialized team on sword fighting, stage and screen combat. With more than 1500 live show the group entertained the best Italian & European events. 

Each member of the team has its own fighting style and has it's fictional character. This richness of talent makes their shows unique and exciting.We bring into play the most exciting stage combat performances. Showing illusion of danger, while maintaining the utmost safety. 

In addition to live performances, with our specialization in fencing and stage combat, we focus on creating the most spectacular fight choreographies for various movie projects - from the videos for music bands to the biggest national and international movie productions.