Fight for the Throne

"A medieval fantasy background is the setting for this knight show that takes place during the tournament organized every year by the tyrant Drakaan, the prize for the winner is the dominion over the Free Lands. In the midst of this gloomy atmosphere a light seems to shine again: Princess Gilien of the ancient Atreis family has returned to claim her throne."

Fantasy-Medieval Show:

Knightly tournament with a medieval fantasy background, where fighters of all kinds and backgrounds clash for domination over all lands.


  • Duration: about 30/40 minutes.
  • Backstage: not necessary.
  • Lighting system: not necessary.
  • Type of space: square, arena shows or similar

For the proper performance of the show, it is necessary the availability of an audio system and a power outlet (site in the place of performances) where we can connect a PC or a USB stick.

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